Research and Development

Wireframe remakes of classic arcade games, built with the Matter.js physics engine and a custom experimental game engine library.
Prototype of an isometric world mod for the custom game engine from the Axiom project, creating an MMO-style map.
Fly around a scrapyard and destroy the drones in this single-level, slow-paced, spaceship shoot'em'up built in an experimental ES6 game engine.
Enjoy this collection of photos, videos, and time-lapses incidentally produced while working on my Raspberry Pi Security Camera Network project.
Notes on getting a fresh Raspberry Pi to automatically connect to a WiFi network and use a static IP address.
Instructions for building a DIY home surveillance security camera network with Raspberry Pis and USB webcams (using the Motion and LibAV packages).
Hacking together a 2D hover-tank game with some vanilla JavaScript and the HTML5 canvas.
There are many like it, but this one is mine. A game loop and code to render a landscape with objects and characters to the canvas.
Beginning work to the introduction level for a team's abandoned fantasy role-playing game.
JavaScript implementation of a procedural generation algorithm for spawning dungeon crawler levels (inspired by a Gamasutra post.)
Small 2D simulation which randomly detonates showers of particles that look like exploding fireworks in the HTML5 canvas.