Welcome to my homepage
I'm a software engineer, designer, and developer. This site is my place to build and take things apart. Have fun looking around!

Featured Posts

Instructions for building a DIY home surveillance security camera network with Raspberry Pis and USB webcams (using the Motion and LibAV packages).
Hacking together a 2D hover-tank game with some vanilla JavaScript and the HTML5 canvas.

Recent Experiments

Wireframe remakes of classic arcade games, built with the Matter.js physics engine and a custom experimental game engine library.
Prototype of an isometric world mod for the custom game engine from the Axiom project, creating an MMO-style map.
Fly around a scrapyard and destroy the drones in this single-level, slow-paced, spaceship shoot'em'up built in an experimental ES6 game engine.

Open-Source Projects

Tiny (50 line) CSS stylesheet designed to improve the look of pages and normalize their experience across devices by slightly adjusting the browser's default styles for text, forms, and images.
Modern PHP framework with a clean MVC pattern, time-saving macros, and sweet syntactic sugar.
Command-line tool for managing projects on Unix systems with private, in-house, and/or offline dependencies. Language agnostic.