About this Site

Hi, thanks for visiting this niche little corner of the net! I'm a software engineer and this site is my space to share posts about my hobby projects.


About the Author

For most of my life I've been designing and building things. From software to electronics, or art to 3d models, I love creating and polishing things.

Since the early 2010's I've been working as a software engineer in New York, San Francisco, and far beyond.

Professionally I mostly work with Ruby, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and similar web languages. Personally I work with those same languages, in addition to Rust, Godot/GDscript, Lua, C++, Python, and Bash.

The Site's History

Up until 2023, this site was powered by my personal PHP framework, Lattice.

Working with my own framework was something I really enjoyed, but building new websites involved as much work maintaining framework as they did building the actual sites. To fix that required correcting my "Not Invented Here" syndrome so I could spend a greater percent of my time on actual projects. I started using Laravel for new projects around 2020.

For a while I considered switching MoonBench over to a Laravel powered site. However, this site doesn't really have "dynamic features", it's just posts, and the pages don't need to be rendered on-the-fly. So, I decided to try out a static site generator and found it perfectly sufficient, so now this site is built using Sculpin.

Other Profiles

A lot of my public source code is available on github.com/moonbench.

Some of my videogames are available on moonbench.itch.io.

And I sometimes post as /u/moonbench.